New and Unusual Centerpieces

From weddings to corporate dinners, the dinner table centerpiece is being reconsidered as a way to engage guests, amuse children, and personalize the event. While a glass vase filled with flowers is an easy standard for the centerpiece, event organizers and wedding planners are suggesting creative and avant-garde solutions for each table’s center of focus.

Some brides and grooms are adding jewelry to the centerpieces to personalize the decorations and distribute favors to guests. Simple glass, crystal, and silver plated jewelry can add sparkle to the wedding flowers. Added to the centerpiece with twisted pipe cleaners or simple wire, the jewelry is a great way to help the guests break the ice and compare the options.

Corporate dinners and award ceremonies can seem dull without some way to engage everyone seating in the room. By using the centerpiece as a way to distribute prizes and gifts (complete with the company’s logo), guests are less likely to ignore the proceedings and more likely to remember the event.

If you have children at your wedding or event, use the centerpiece as a way to hand out paper, crayons, toys, and (quiet) games. Include activities for various ages and learning styles. Coloring books, puzzles, and books will help keep the kids occupied with silent activities. Plus, all of the parents in the room will be forever grateful to you (or the company) for considering their children in the event planning.

Don’t be afraid to think creatively about how you want your event to be remembered. Guests are usually eager to take home a piece of memorabilia from the night. Framed photos, antique books, and even thrift store treasures are all ways to make your centerpiece as memorable as the event itself.