How to Avoid Making the Most Common Summer Wedding Mistakes

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for people to get married. This gives you a lot of experience from others to reflect on when making decisions. Considering what has happened at the weddings of others can give you insight into planning the best celebration possible. Here are some ways to avoid common summer wedding mistakes.

  • Counting on a warm evening – Summer should be hot, but what if you catch an unseasonably cold evening? Make sure you have an attractive wrap for yourself and your bridesmaids so everyone can stay stylish and comfortable.
  • Not having enough water for guests – Weddings are a celebration, so we always remember to provide alcohol for our friends and family. The problem is that summer can be hot and dry and alcohol can dehydrate a person. If you don’t want guests passing out, there has to be enough water readily available.
  • Having heavy food during the cocktail hour – When everyone is warm, they are going to want lighter fare. Be sure that your appetizers match the temperature. If the entrees are served later on, it‘s okay to let guests choose a little heavier option.

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