Special Event Catering Recommendations from the Pros

When it comes to having a special event catered, it may be something you don’t do very often unless you are an event planner by trade. When you are looking for an experienced caterer but are not familiar with the process, here are three things you should definitely know in advance.

  1. You need to leave time for your caterer to get set up – Be sure that your caterer has access to the facility well before your event is supposed to take place. Otherwise, you have the recipe for a lot of hungry guests who are waiting for their meal.
  2. You are paying for more than just food – Don’t forget that there is a lot that goes into a catered meal besides the food and drink. You may need tablecloths, napkins, flatware, plates, cups, and more. If your catering service is providing these things, they are factored into the price, so keep that in mind when you consider the value you are receiving for your money.
  3. An experienced caterer is a must – When a catering company has years of experience, you don’t have to waste money and food by padding the guest count to ensure there is enough. An experienced caterer will always have a little extra, but not so much that it is a total waste.

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