The Perfect Meal for a Team Building Day

If you are planning a corporate team building day, don’t forget to think about your meals. Nothing brings a team together like breaking bread. You also can’t work together as a team if everyone is hangry (hungry + angry) because they were running late and skipped breakfast. A good solution is having meals catered for the event.

Corporate Catering in the Bay Area

Sharing a meal creates a relaxed atmosphere and gives your employees the energy that they need to really enjoy the day properly. That calls for a well-planned menu that will energize your staff instead of causing them to be drowsy from overeating or enjoying the wrong foods.

Left to their own devices, your team may bring a PB&J for lunch and end up on a sugar high and then crashing later. You need the right blend of carbs and protein, plus some healthy fats for good mental function.

San Jose and Bay Area Catering: From Professionals, for Professionals

Caterman Catering has over 25 years of experience providing meals for special occasions. This is a great way to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work. You can also boost the benefits you get from your team building session if everyone is happy and satisfied with the right kind of meal.

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