Wedding Catering FAQ for Discerning Couples

You have so much to do when getting ready for a wedding that it may seem overwhelming. The catering doesn’t have to be a complicated part of the process. Here are a few questions that you may have with simple answers to help you start thinking in the right direction.

  • Does my venue matter to my caterer? – Absolutely! For example, your caterer will need to know if there is a place to heat food, prepare plates, or set up a buffet table. If your caterer is bringing table linens, they will need to know how many tables there are as well as their size and shape so as to bring appropriate tablecloths.
  • How do we choose a menu? – Think about two main things: your budget and your guests. If your budget doesn’t allow you to cover a sit-down meal, then a buffet may be a better option. Your guests may affect the menu if there are many with allergies or sensitivities attending. You may also want to think about food stations where guests can customize a portion of the meal.
  • What if we can’t afford a full meal? – By choosing the right time for your reception to start, you may be able to offer your guests appetizers or platters. Just make sure they know in advance since some will choose to eat before coming.

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