3 Things You Absolutely Don’t Have to Do at Your Summer Wedding

When it comes to your wedding, you should get what you want. The season shouldn’t dictate your plans. Here are 3 things that people feel obligated to do when they get married in the summertime that simply aren’t necessary if they don’t match up with your ideas for your perfect day.

  • Get married outside – Outdoor weddings are popular in summer, but if you don’t enjoy the heat and don’t want to sweat in your wedding dress, feel free to choose an indoor venue with air conditioning.
  • Use bright colors – If you want a rustic wedding or to use dark colors that are more often associated with winter, you shouldn’t feel confined to a summer color palette. Choose the colors you are going to be happy with when you look back at your wedding album for years to come.
  • Avoid being too formal – If you want black ties and formal gowns all around, tell everyone to wear formal clothes. Again, if you have the wedding indoors, no one should be complaining about the heat anyway. And if you have the wedding outside, there are plenty of ways to still be comfortable in formal wear.

The Perfect Meal for Your Perfect Day

Summer is also a great season for providing the best food for guests. Don’t let anyone tell you the summer weather is going to ruin your cake or any other part of the meal. Caterman Catering can help you to plan the perfect menu for a summer wedding. Call 408-441-8719 to get started on your meal today.