Top Food and Drink Combos for a Spring Picnic

Spring is a great time of year to eat outdoors. If you are planning to reserve a park area or just throw a big picnic with your friends and family in the backyard, we’ve got the food and drink combos you want to try out.

  • Steak and Chianti – Most picnics don’t include silverware, but if you really want to go upscale, a bottle of red wine and some nice medium rare steaks will do the trick.
  • Salmon and Chardonnay – Another high-class meal to eat outdoors is seafood with white wine. Salmon is a great protein if you are trying to keep away from red meat.
  • Burgers and Brews – Now we’re getting into the realm of a classically American backyard party. There’s nothing quite like a cold beer on a hot day, and using it to wash down a burger is even better.
  • Barbecue and Hard Cider – Barbecue sandwiches are another great way to eat your meal on a bun. Pulled pork goes perfectly with the apple flavors of a hard cider.
  • Tacos and Margaritas – Tacos may not be as traditional for a backyard party, but this is another great way to avoid needing tableware. You can’t beat a margarita with some authentic tacos.

Spring Picnic Catering Ideas and More

Whether you are going to be having a party in the yard or at a rented facility, Caterman Catering has the ideas and meal options you want. To start planning your menu today, give us a call at 408-441-8719 and speak to one of our event planners.