Events That Call for a Platter of Appetizers for Guests

Most people realize the importance of hiring a caterer to take care of the meal at important events. However, is the main meal enough or should you begin with appetizers? Here are some specific situations when you want to be sure that an appetizer platter is available to attendees.

  • Corporate events – The last thing you want is for employees to start getting on each other’s nerves at the office party simply because the meal hasn’t been served yet. These are supposed to be opportunities to bring coworkers closer together and to foster collaboration in the office place.
  • Weddings – Weddings are notorious for leaving guests hungry while waiting for the main meal. Keep your guests happy with appetizer platters. They can be served during the cocktail hour (which will also help to soak up some of the booze).
  • Additional private events – Really any private event wherein the main meal is not being served early in the festivities could benefit from an appetizer platter. This ensures that guests are happy from the beginning of the event. In fact, for shorter events, you may be able to serve appetizers alone.

San Jose and the Bay Area’s Best Catered Appetizers

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