Better Party Ideas for 2019

If you are getting ready to throw a private event in 2019, how can you be sure that your party is a cut above the rest? Here are a few times for updating a tired old-style of party with a modern revamped version.

Turn a Multi-Course Meal into a Tapas and Cocktail Party

This is a great way to keep things nice and casual and minimize cleanup. Instead of a multiple course meal that requires an entire evening of service, a tapas menu with cocktails frees everyone up to enjoy light fare and mingle rather than being seated at the table from the minute you take their coat until it is time to head home.

Shrinking the Guest List to Throw a Better Party

Gone are the times when you need to plan two parties, one for everybody and an after party for the people you really like. Be more selective with whom you choose to invite to your soiree and throw one great party for the people you really want to have a good time with.

Invite Strangers to Your Sales Party

The biggest mistake people make when they have sales parties is inviting only friends. If your friends want you to get a commission when they buy makeup or cookware or tights, that’s fine. But you should mix it up and let the public know what is going on. Then you get people who you know are there to buy. And who knows, you may end up making some new friends too.

Throw the Best Parties in San Jose and the Bay Area

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