Will the Royal Wedding Set the Trends for US Weddings this Summer?

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock somewhere, then you know that Prince Harry got married to Meghan Markle this weekend. That wedding was watched around the globe, and you can expect viewers to pick things they love to use in their own weddings. What about the food? Here are a few excerpts from the royal wedding catering that are either already trending or could trend in the US.

  • Local and Seasonal Fare – This is already trending in the US and was heavily considered in the menu for the royal wedding. It was great timing too since many of the vegetables in England are just coming into season.
  • Canapés – This is a particular type of appetizer that consists of some sort of bread (pastry, cracker, toast, etc.) topped with a savory spread, paste, or butter. Smoked salmon, tomatoes, various herbs, and other meats or roasted vegetables are popular toppings.
  • Bowl Food – While this sounds more like something you would get at a food truck than a royal wedding, it is all the rage right now in the UK. Bowl food allows guests to move around and socialize while eating rather than being tied to the table. It makes it tough to use a knife, however, so it is no wonder the pork belly at the royal wedding was slow roasted for 10 hours – no cutting required!
  • Sweet Canapés – While canapés are traditionally savory, they can be made sweet as a nice addition to the dessert table. Macaroons and fruit tartlets are the most popular options.

Planning Your Summer Wedding Menu

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