Why You Should Offer Customized Meal Options for Your Catered Event

If you are planning a wedding or any other sort of event in the near future, you need to think about offering customized meal options. Why is this the case? Here are two primary reasons.

A Customized Meal Is Necessary for Many Guests

According to foodallergy.org, almost 1% of Americans are dealing with one or more food allergies. Some of these allergies can cause a life-threating reaction. There are millions of others who have food sensitivities, and while they may not die from eating a certain food, it can certainly affect their health – sometimes for weeks. 

If you want to show respect for your guests, you need to find out if anyone attending your event has an allergy or sensitivity. For a serious allergy, you may have to plan the entire meal accordingly. For sensitivities, you may be able to offer a customized meal for the individual. 

A Customized Meal Is Fun

One of the big trends in catered meals is to have at least one customizable food station. Whether it is a beverage station, a dessert station, or a part of the main meal, you want to give guests choices. Many people enjoy creating their own coffee, sundae, or another meal component. 

Customizing Your Special Event to Meet the Needs of Attendees

Caterman Catering can help you to understand your choices when it comes to providing guests with customized meal options. To learn more, speak with one of our event planners by calling 408.441.8719. We look forward to helping make your special event one to remember.