How to Maximize the Fun for Your Wedding Guests

If you want your wedding guests to enjoy a celebration that they will remember for a lifetime, then it will require a lot of planning and forethought on your part. Here are a few things you need to consider if you are going to make it a great night for everyone.

  • Choose your entertainment carefully – Whether you hire a DJ, a band, or some other type of performer, make sure they are professional and will meet the expectations of your guests.
  • Seat people wisely – For many guests, who they are seated with at dinner can set the tone for the entire evening. While guests will be free to mingle later on, a shy guest who gets seated at the wrong table may decide just to go home after eating. On the other hand, seating the wrong people together could result in arguments that may dampen the evening.
  • Have useful wedding favors – For your more creative guests, you can have disposable cameras at the tables. Personal fans may be appropriate if you are having a summer wedding. Mints might make the evening more enjoyable for singles looking to meet.
  • Good food – We all bond over a great meal. Hiring the right catering service can be a crucial element of a wedding that is remembered forever.

San Jose and Bay Area Wedding Catering Experts

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