How to Decorate an Outdoor Event

One benefit of having an event in California is the great weather. You can take advantage of the climate and hold your event fully or partially outdoors. Thankfully, with some creativity and effort, you can make an outdoor space feel more elegant and memorable than anything inside.

Be practical. If you are having an outdoor event, keep in mind some logistics. Although you might know a secret grotto or beautiful clearing, your guests will have to tromp from the parking lot to your event spot. The same goes for the caterer. While most catering companies can set up and serve nearly anywhere, there are some basics (like water and electricity) that make for a better meal.

Add a perimeter. Keep the space contained to ensure your event feels intimate. Rent outdoor furniture or stanchions to keep the space sufficient only for the number of guests. Wide open spaces could dilute the impact of your event’s decorations.

 Add shade. Although the concept of a bright, sunny day for your event can evoke images of happy, smiling guests, too much sun can mean sweat, sunburns, and headaches for many. Use natural features such as shade trees to reduce sun exposure. Or rent a tent to provide shade for the guests who prefer a protected escape from the heat and light.

Use lights. If your event is going to last into the evening or night, add white lights to your decorative scheme. Thankfully, you can find battery-powered strings of lights perfect to hang in trees or decorate the inside of your tent.

 Avoid balloons and streamers. Balloons and streamers are great for a birthday party when you are ten years old. For weddings and corporate events, use flowers and fabric to add color to the space.