Don’t Miss These Red Flags When Hiring Vendors for Your Event

From weddings to corporate events, special events call for many vendors. How can you hire the right people to make sure your event goes smoothly? Here are some red flags to watch out for:

  • No online reviews (or even worse, bad reviews) – You vendor should have good recommendations from others. You can even search the reviews for certain things that you are looking for (timeliness, quality, communication, etc.).
  • Poor communication – Do you have trouble getting in touch with your vendor? If you can’t get ahold of your vendor now, what will happen when the day of your event comes?
  • No website (or a website that never gets updated) – It’s 2019. If a vendor doesn’t have a website (or has one created by an amateur, or one that hasn’t been updated in five years, etc.), how can you expect modern services?
  • The vendor lacks a gallery or portfolio – Vendors love to show off their work! If there is no gallery or portfolio for you to view, that means the vendor isn’t proud of what they’ve accomplished.
  • Your gut says to run – Sometimes your gut feeling about a vendor is enough to make a decision. If you don’t like the person, your event attendees may not either.

Find the Best Vendors in San Jose and the Bay Area

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