Go Global for Your Next Party Menu

From corporate events to weddings, global cuisine is trending. Should you go global when preparing for your next special event? We’re going to take a look at some of the trendiest cuisines from around the globe.

  • Asian cuisine – China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and other Asian nations all have their own diverse and unique cuisine. You can choose your favorite or go with an Asian fusion option – a popular trend for several years now. From Banh mi (a Vietnamese sandwich that dates back to French colonists) to Bibimbap (a Korean rice dish with yummy toppings), the menu possibilities are endless.
  • Mexican cuisine – The food in Mexico can be as diverse from region to region as some countries are from one another. And yet, in America, Mexican cuisine has been relegated to the taco, burrito, and enchilada – all of which seem very similar at Americanized restaurants. If you decide on a Mexican menu, be sure to go authentic. Your guests will thank you when even the tacos seem like a food they’ve never had before.
  • Italian cuisine – From spicy southern seafood dishes to creamy northern concoctions, there is an incredible variety to choose from, even within this exceptionally popular cuisine. Once again, authenticity is the key. Pizza and spaghetti are the boring party favorites of the past.

Satisfying Catering Menus with Global Appeal

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