Prepare Now for Your Labor Day BBQ

Labor Day signifies the end of summer for many and the time to go back to school for children. The weekend festivities are usually centered around eating outdoors since the time for spending more meals indoors and away from the colder rainy season is drawing near. How can you make your Labor Day BBQ the best party of the summer? 

When Is Labor Day and What Is It About? 

First of all, you have to know when Labor Day is to plan accordingly. The holiday itself falls on the first Monday in September of each year, so in 2017 that makes it September 4. However, since many have to be back to work or school the next day, that is often a travel day, making the big BBQ either Saturday or Sunday of the preceding weekend.  

Labor Day was started back in the late 1800s by a union leader who wanted there to be a day that celebrated workers in the US. The date was chosen because it was halfway between Independence Day and Thanksgiving, so it wasn’t too close to another holiday. Of course, today it has become what we mentioned earlier – a way to get one last hurrah out of summer, especially for kids headed back to the classroom.  

Making Your Summer BBQ Stand Out 

A great way to reduce the work you have to do on the holiday while also making your BBQ stand out is to have it catered by Caterman Catering. We offer tons of delicious BBQ options like grilled chicken breasts, quartered chicken, St. Louis style ribs, all beef burgers and hot dogs, grilled tri-tip, grilled sausages, and all the sides your guests will love. To learn more or to get started on a menu, call 408-441-8719, and prepare to experience the best catering in San Jose and the Bay Area.