You’ll Be Thankful for Caterman Catering’s Holiday Menus

Thanksgiving is this week, and you know what that means. Someone in the family will be expected to make a huge turkey dinner with all the delicious sides and desserts. Does that honor usually fall to you? Are you often still cleaning long after everyone else is shopping for Black Friday sales? Caterman Catering may be just what your family needs.

Holiday Meals Without the Fuss

Thanks to our drop off service, you can have your family’s meal catered without the fuss. We deliver your specially crafted menu right to your door. You don’t have to lift a finger other than to set the table and answer the door. Clean up is easy, too, because you don’t have all of those nasty pots and pans and trays that normally come along with making a big meal.

Enjoy the Holidays for Once

This year, instead of days of prep and hours of cleanup, let Caterman Catering take away the stress of the holidays. Your family still gets a great meal, but they also get to enjoy it with you instead of having you the next room all evening prepping and cleaning.

To start planning your meal now, give us a call at 408.441.8719. You can choose from any of our delicious preset menus, or you can request a customized meal to suit your loved ones. So get ready to actually spend time with your family this year and get to those Black Friday sales before all the good ones are gone!