Trust the Caterer for a Last-Minute Wedding

If you have the luxury of planning your wedding a year in advance, meet with your caterer early in the planning process to avoid any delays or mishaps. However, if you are planning a wedding on short notice (less than a month or two), you will have to sacrifice some of the decision making.

Put your trust and faith in your caterer. Unlike your personal feelings about a wedding dress or favorite flower, most caterers have more experience in planning a meal for a hundred guests than you do. While you might want to account for everyone’s tastes and food preferences, with a short-term wedding you don’t have the time to manage every aspect of the event.

Obviously, even with short-notice, you will have time to give the caterer some direction for the menu. Beyond the basics, however, you can rest assured that the caterer will provide a lovely meal for your guests. Don’t worry about the type of lettuce in the salad, the wine in the mushroom sauce, or the quality of chocolate drizzled on the ice cream.

The caterer might become a one-stop shop for your reception. Because most caterers have working relationships with event venues, linen companies, and flower shops, you could plan your wedding reception in one sit-down meeting with the right catering company.

Put your trust in the people who plan events for a living; but keep the conversations about your wedding dress between you and your mother.