Tips for Making Your Corporate Event More Sustainable

Every company needs to be thinking about sustainability when it comes to corporate events. The public is demanding accountability from businesses, and making environmentally conscious decisions rather than simply planning a luxurious event is one way to show the public that you value their opinion. Here are a few tips for creating an event that is both sustainable and luxurious.

  • Chose the right location – Be certain the venue for your event makes sustainable choices themselves. For example, hand dryers instead of paper towels in the restrooms are a good indicator that the location is thinking about the environment. If they have receptacles for recyclables, that is another good sign.
  • Hire the right catering company – Find a company that shops local and uses fresh ingredients. The food will taste better, and it will be good for local growers. As an added bonus, more and more local growers are using sustainable practices to grow their food.
  • Make good use of leftovers – Most communities will allow you to donate leftovers from your event to a local shelter. Make the arrangements in advance so that food doesn’t get wasted. The homeless and hungry will appreciate it, as will the community in general. Philanthropy is always a good look.

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