The Tasting: An Essential Part of Hiring a Caterer

There are many ways that you can search out the right caterer for your private event. You can read online reviews, check menu options, or ask for word of mouth suggestions. However, if you want to be certain that the menu you selected is going to wow your guests, the best way is to taste it for yourself.

To Taste or Not to Taste?

This is a question for you, the client. If you decide that what you have heard and seen is enough, then you can choose to skip the tasting. However, if your caterer simply doesn’t offer a tasting, that should raise a red flag.

Why is there no tasting available? Is the caterer too busy to earn your business? Then maybe they are too busy to cater your event properly. A caterer should be happy to provide a tasting. After all, if it goes well, are you really going to keep shopping around? Of course not! Once you know you’ve got the best, your search for a caterer is completed.

Your Bay Area Catering Pros

Caterman Catering has been serving up great meals in San Jose and the Bay Area for over 25 years. But don’t take our word for it – schedule a tasting and see for yourself what everyone is talking about when we get rave reviews.

To get started on the perfect menu for your next private event, give us a call now at 408.441.8719. We look forward to helping your event be something truly memorable.