The Humble Potato – A Diverse Food for All Occasions

Whether you are looking for a hot or cold dish, a side or a main course, you have to be thinking about serving potatoes at your next event. Why is this humble food so popular at parties, and how can you include them in your menu? Here are some tips.

Reasons to Serve Potatoes

Here are three reasons you should have potatoes on the menu for your next special event.

  1. A beloved food – America loves potatoes, and there are a ton of ways to serve them (more on that in a moment).
  2. Versatile for guests with allergies/sensitivities – Potatoes are gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian. They fit in with many different diets, and very few people have a sensitivity to this food.
  3. They satisfy hunger – Potatoes are filling because they are starchy. Therefore, your guests will feel satisfied after the meal rather than having to leave your event early to get more food.

How to Include Potatoes in Your Menu

There are many ways to get potatoes into your special event menu. Here are just a few:

  • Appetizers – Loaded potato skins are often a fan favorite.
  • Cold sides – Potato salad is a must, especially for a barbecue-style menu or when you want cold sides in the warm weather. 
  • Hot sides – From baked to fried, there are many ways to make a hot side dish from potatoes.
  • Entrees – A potato bar allows guests to choose their own toppings and create a hearty meal that will match up with their personal dietary wishes.

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