Thanksgiving Wedding

Sometimes the most difficult part of planning a wedding is finding the right date. Spring is popular, but kids are still in school. Summer is also a favorite for weddings. However, prices are high because everyone else is trying to stake a claim on one of the eleven or twelve Saturdays in summer. Pick Thanksgiving for an unusual, but convenient day.

Thanksgiving is a family holiday. Most families are prepared to travel for Thanksgiving and willing to travel for the wedding; by combing your wedding with the holiday, you are likely saving the family a trip.

The meal is easy to plan. Turkey dinner is a favorite, but uncommon for a wedding. You and your caterer can add some variations to give everyone something to enjoy — spinach salad, roasted zucchini, or cauliflower mash are great additions or alternatives to the traditional plate. Plus, with all the side options, you don’t have to offer a separate vegetarian option — the stuffing and vegetable sides can be the best part.

An autumn wedding is cool and refreshing. Remember, the groom and groomsmen will be in heavy, black suits while the bride and bridesmaids in long gowns with heavy makeup. Opt for a crisp, Fall day to keep everyone feeling fresh.

If too many family members balk at such a twist on tradition, select the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving. For event planning, it’s a slow weekend, so you might be able to negotiate a deal on the ceremony and reception locations.