Sumptuous Summer Starters for Your Private Event

From weddings to backyard barbecues and everything in between, summer is a great time to get together with your loved ones and enjoy a delightful meal. Appetizers can play a big role in holding over your guests’ appetite while the main meal is prepared. Or you may choose to offer just appetizers and drinks if the event is shorter in duration. Here are a few great ideas for summer starters.

  • Smoked salmon appetizer – A delicately smoked fish is a great way to offer a light appetizer in summertime but still have a boost of protein. It can be paired with flavors like cream cheese, chopped eggs, cucumbers, or even capers.
  • Tomato and mozzarella skewers – Think of this appetizer as a Caprese salad on a stick. A nice pesto made from basil rounds out the Mediterranean flavors.
  • Prosciutto wrapped melon – Melon provides a delightful summer bite and the sweetness pairs beautifully with the saltiness of the cured pork.
  • Bruschetta – Grilled bread topped with just about anything makes a delicious starter. For summer, why not try a strawberry balsamic glaze and sweet basil.

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