Special Event Catering – Professional Advice

If you are having a special event catered for the first time, or if you have had a bad experience with catering in the past, you would probably welcome some advice from professional caterers. Here are a few things that you should know before you call a catering company to get your menu started.

  • Make sure your caterer has time to set up – This will help your meal to be served in a timely manner. It will also allow the caterer to get the lay of the land in case they have never catered an event at this particular venue before. Finally, this step is crucial if your caterer is bringing the table settings, which should be in place before your guests arrive.
  • Don’t overestimate the guestlist – Some people pad the numbers because they are worried there won’t be enough food. This can lead to a lot of waste because an experienced caterer will always bring a little more than what is expected anyway in case you were off by a few or people eat more than anticipated.
  • Find an experienced caterer – When you work with a catering company that has years of experience and lots of great reviews online, you can be confident that the meal will go as planned, and your expectations will be met or exceeded.

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