Small, Private Receptions

Young couples are choosing small, private weddings with equally small receptions. They are focused on more practical expenses like buying a house or paying down student debt. Older couples on their second (or third) wedding generally prefer smaller, dignified affairs. Many of these couples are simply having a wedding and reception at home.

A small wedding can be a fantastic way to keep costs low while still maintaining a high level of elegance. Hiring a caterer for these small receptions is the best way to host a private event with a grand feel. Multiple courses tend to make a meal feel sophisticated. The reception becomes more of a dinner party, with the meal lasting for hours, giving the guests a chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Although you typically remove the choice of entrees when hosting a small reception, you replace the choice with a variety of small dishes. If someone prefers not to taste the Thai beef skewer, the curried chicken will be out shortly.
Your catering company can operate out of any standard kitchen. While some people prefer the comfort of home for a small reception, others select event spaces generally overlooked for larger wedding receptions. The Bay Area is filled with historic buildings, beachfront cottages, and high-rise condos for rent by the day or week.

Lastly, when you host a small reception, you can invite many of your close friends and family to stay overnight at the reception location. While you and your new spouse may want to take up a more private room nearby, your guests will appreciate the cost savings of staying for free. In addition, you can likely use the same space for a Sunday goodbye brunch the morning after the reception. Talk to your caterer about including a selection of pastries, yogurt, and juice for final moments of your wedding weekend.