San Jose and Bay Area Party Catering for Kids

Having a party for children catered poses its own unique challenges and requires that you work with an experienced team. Not only can kids be picky, but you also want to try to avoid messes and – depending on the age of the children – choking hazards. Here are a couple of smart tips.

  • Keeping the menu kid-friendly: Finger foods trump meals that require flatware. Kids are going to get their hands messy either way, and little kids are going to a make an even bigger mess trying handle a spoon or fork. You can serve burgers and mac and cheese, but you’re going to have a lot less to clean up with French fries and nuggets.
  • Kid-friendly desserts: Fresh fruit can be a healthy option, but if you are okay with serving the kids some sugar, this is another good place to go for handheld foods. Cupcakes and cookies are usually easier to handle than a cake that needs to be sliced and then eaten with flatware.

Experienced Kids’ Party Catering in San Jose and The Bay Area

With over 25 years in the business, Caterman Catering is the company that can make throwing a great children’s party a lot easier for parents. We can develop meals that leave everyone happy, including the person who has to clean up (also known as mom or dad). Speak with an experienced party planner today by calling 408.441.8719 and start working on your menu now.