Planning a Wedding and Shopping Local – The Perfect Marriage

Like peanut butter and jelly, Bert and Ernie, and all of the great duos, planning a wedding and shopping local go hand in hand. Here are a few reasons.

  • You get the best vendors at the best rate – National companies struggle to provide the best vendors in the local area. They work with whoever is willing to freelance for them. Local caterers, photographers, DJs, and florists are going to provide you with the best services.
  • You get to enjoy your wedding planning – Planning a wedding can be stressful, but shopping local takes the stress out of the equation. Everyone you work with is known locally for what they do. One bad review can ruin a business, so you know you are in good hands with vendors who deliver every time.
  • It’s good for the community – Shopping local helps support the community and local businesses. The vendors don’t have to drive as far, so your wedding ends up leaving a smaller environmental footprint. Local growers get the support they need. You save money and time. Plus, the local economy gets a boost. Everybody wins!

Let Caterman Catering Help You Shop Local for Your Bay Area Wedding

Caterman Catering is well connected with vendors in San Jose and throughout the Bay Area because we have been catering weddings for over 25 years. We also work with local growers to provide the tastiest food. Contact us today at 408.441.8719 to start working on your menu, and you can ask us for recommendations for your other wedding vendors.