Perfect Seafood Entrees for Your Special Event Guests

The next time you are planning to have a special event catered, why not try offering a seafood dish as one of the main options? Fish offers a healthy option for some of your guests who may be trying to avoid red meat. Pescatarian is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. And while there are some people who are allergic to shellfish, you can still offer seafood options while passing on things like shrimp. Here are three tasty dishes that make a perfect special event entrée:

  • Pan Seared Salmon – There is nothing quite like a good piece of salmon that has been pan seared until the skin is nice and crispy. Artichokes, feta cheese, and lemon & thyme sauce are the perfect accompaniments.
  • Swordfish Piccata – Piccata is a style of serving meat or fish involving slicing the protein thinly. For those who think swordfish is too heavy of a fish, this provides a lighter option. For those who miss meat but have to eat fish, it still cuts like a steak, and a white wine, capers, parsley, and lemon & butter sauce preparation makes it a decadent option.
  • Classic Seafood Gumbo – This gives your meal a great New Orleans flair and is a perfect entrée if you don’t have to worry about shellfish allergies.

Seafood Entrees, Catered by the Pros in San Jose and The Bay Area

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