How to Throw Your Best Holiday Party Ever

If it is your turn to host this year, how can you make sure that your family enjoys the best meal ever? Caterman Catering can help. Plus, you get to keep your kitchen clean and enjoy your time with family and friends instead of spending the entire party in front of a hot stove.

Here are a few other tips to help you throw a great party:

  • Keep the guest list small – Of course, this can be difficult if you have a large family. But for a party with friends, just invite your closest pals, and that will allow you to do more for the few people who are coming rather than throwing a mediocre party for a lot of people.
  • Make it a cocktail party – For close family, a great big ham or turkey dinner is the way to go, but when you have friends over, you can skip the sit-down entrée. Have a bunch of small plates or appetizers, and then offer a batch cocktail. Your friends will have a great time and you simplify the whole evening for yourself.

Always Invite Caterman Catering to the Party

For the best catering in San Jose and the Bay Area, always invite Caterman Catering to the party. Our drop off service allows you to enjoy a hot meal with your friends without all the fuss. Call us today at 408.441.8719 to get working on the perfect menu you for your party with friends or family.