How to Make Your Special Event “Appetizers Only”

If you are trying to keep the catering expenses of your event to a minimum, one thing that you may want to consider is making it “appetizers only” instead of serving a full meal. Of course, you have to handle this type of event the right way so that people don’t end up going hungry. Here are a few tips:

  • Schedule the event between meals – If you throw a party at noon, everyone will expect lunch. Start too late, and people will plan on having dinner at your party. But an event that takes place between meals or later in the evening can get away with a lighter menu.
  • State the menu on the invitation – List the appetizers on the invite or simply mention that you will be serving appetizers only. Either way, be sure that people know to eat before.
  • Serve a hearty mix of appetizers – By offering a selection of both hot and cold appetizers, you can satisfy your guests. They may not even remember that there was no meal at the event when looking back on the occasion, especially if the appetizers are outstanding in themselves.

Catered Appetizers in San Jose and the Bay Area

In San Jose and the Bay Area, event planners can rely on Caterman Catering to provide the best meals, but also the best hot and cold appetizers. So whether your party is appetizers only or you want appetizers and a full meal, give us a call today at 408.441.8719 to get your event booked and your menu started!