How to Host an Engagement Party the Right Way

If you are planning an engagement party for a family member or friend, you may be experiencing some anxiety about getting it right. We’re going to give you the best tips for celebrating the happy couple.

  • Plan it right away – While you do need a little bit of planning time, you want the engagement still to be fresh when everyone gets together to celebrate. At the latest, the engagement party should be just a few months after the actual engagement.
  • Invite the right people – You can’t have everyone who will be invited to the wedding at the engagement party, even if you know who the couple plan to invite. Your goal should be to have family members and close friends there for the occasion.
  • Serve a delicious meal – A meal can be one of the most difficult parts of the engagement party to plan, especially if some of the attendees have food allergies or sensitivities. Why not take the pressure off of yourself and hire a reputable catering service in the area to provide a delicious meal without all the fuss?

Engagement Party Catering in San Jose and the Bay Area

For peace of mind, choose Caterman Catering to provide a meal for your San Jose or Bay Area event. With over 25 years of providing food for private events, we know how to make the meal unforgettable without adding any stress to your planning. Get your menu started today by calling 408-441-8719.