How to Choose the Right Wedding Vendors

Some of the most important people at your wedding will be the caterer, the photographer, the DJ, and the many other vendors who are there to ensure that your evening is memorable and goes smoothly. How can you choose the right wedding vendors? Here are a few tips:

  • Check online reviews – You always want to hear about how your vendor has performed in the past. Of course, anyone can get one or two negative reviews amidst many good reviews, but be wary if the reviews are a mixed bag.
  • Know your budget – This will allow you to know if you can afford a particular vendor. Budget so that the components of the wedding that are most important to you are where you spend your funds.
  • Hire an event planner – The great thing about an event planner is that he or she will have connections to vendors in the area. It can help you to find the best people and to get the best rates.

Caterman Catering – Catering and Event Planning in San Jose and the Bay Area

Caterman Catering has been providing the best wedding meals in San Jose and the Bay Area for over a quarter of a century. During that time, we’ve formed great relationships with many of the Bay Area’s best wedding vendors. That allows us to serve as event planners, connecting you to our partners to ensure you get the best local vendors at the best price. To learn more, contact one of our event planners today at 408-441-8719.