Having Your Team Building Event Catered

Team building events are an important element in the modern business world where coworkers need to collaborate more than ever before, but the ability to communicate, rely on others, and work toward the greater good rather than personal gain seems to be at an all-time low. As a result, you may plan regular team building events to ensure that your employees all know how to function as a productive unit. You may wonder:

  • What are good team building activities?
  • Should I have the event catered, and if so what should we eat?
  • How can we locate a venue for our event?

Team Building – For Communication

A great way to inspire communication is to play a game that has recently been used several times on the Tonight Show – two truths and a lie. In this game, each employee takes turns telling two truths and one lie. The other employees then write down which one they think the lie is. The person whose turn it then reveals the correct answer. This helps employees to learn new things about each other and teaches them to express themselves well. As an added bonus, it may help employees to be able to spot lies more easily in the future.

Team Building – Problem Solving

Escape the room games are growing in popularity, and they are a great way to get a team to work together and solve problems. The variety of challenges that these rooms often present require a combination of skills, so it is also a good way to teach teamwork. Since rooms frequently hold between 6 and 10 people, this is a good team building activity for everyone working together on a particular project or for the entire staff of a small business.

Team Building – Collaboration

Pairing up two or more employees into teams for a scavenger hunt can help teach employees with differing skills to collaborate better. Tasks do not have to be overly difficult. For example, teams may just have to convince a stranger to take a group selfie with them, or they may have to find a certain location in the city and take a selfie to prove they found it.

Feeding Your Team and Planning a Memorable Experience

A shared experience is going to bring your team together, perhaps even more than what they do. A good meal to start the day, something substantial enough to give them energy but not so much they are lethargic, may be the way to go. In other situations, you may have a meal prepared for after the event. This will give employees the chance to unwind and talk about the experience with each other.

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