Finding a Catering Company in San Francisco – 5 Tips to Consider

Choosing a caterer whom you can entrust not just the service you need but the success of your event is a challenging task you need to work on. It is imperative that you are extra careful in selecting one because a lot are at stake – your business as a whole is at stake.

When you search for a catering company in San Francisco area, you can begin by doing your own research online. And where on the Internet ‘universe’ you can find prospective caterers? The best place I would suggest is to browse local directories such as Google Places and Yelp (make your search specific to San Francisco for funneled results). Local directories are the best are the place on the Internet where local companies are submitted/ listed.

So, what are the factors you should consider? Here are 5 tips when choosing a catering company in San Francisco area:

  • Location or Venue – check if a particular company offers catering service for the location you want to have for your event. If you are not sure about the best places in the area, see to it that the company has a wide range of selections. A company that can suggest a lot of good options implies that it is an experienced caterer and has served companies in different locations in the area.
  • Wide menu selections – check your prospects if they have a wide selection of menu and if they offer the kind of foods you want to have for your event. Do they cater foods for vegetarian people? Can they prepare for specific visitors? Can they Oriental cuisine? – These are just few questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to menu selections.
  • Years in business – the number of years a catering company has been in business is a good indicator on how stable and how experienced it is.
    It means that, for making it for so long, it has weathered the ups and downs of the industry and it has refined itself as caterer.
  • Number of manpower – this is want area that you should not forget to check most especially if your event is set for a big crowd or participants. Manpower is a big factor so that the catering service is executed smoothly and thus, does not compromise your event.
  • Number of clients – the number of clients is another indicator of how reputable a catering company is. Ask for a list of its clients and what type of clients they have had. It is also a good way to get some idea (testimonies) on how good the service your prospect has.


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