Fall Wedding Trends for 2019

Every year brings with it new trends in wedding ceremonies and receptions. Here are some of our favorite trends for 2019 that are carrying over into the fall wedding season.

  • Multiple Entertainers – Can’t decide between a band and a DJ? You’re not alone, and maybe that’s why one of this year’s trends is to hire both a band and a DJ for the wedding entertainment.
  • Gin Cocktails – It seems like every year a new favorite spirit is chosen to the base of the year’s great cocktails. This year, it falls to gin, and that’s good news for you and your guests because there are tons of great gin cocktails.
  • Edible Trends – This year’s edible trend is elevating something pedestrian. From jalapeno poppers and mac ‘n cheese to ice cream sundaes, you can find a way to work your favorite comfort food into the menu on your big day.

Don’t forget trends that are still in from previous years, such as unique venues and DIY food and drink stations.

Fall Wedding Catering in San Jose and the Bay Area

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