Engagement Party Planning Without the Stress

An engagement party is a happy celebration for the couple who have promised to take vows and spend their lives together. However, it can be a nightmare for the person who has to plan the party. You have two families, probably coming together for the very first time. Both the future bride and groom will have close friends to invite. There are venue, entertainment, and food decisions and preparations to make. How can you keep a celebration from becoming overwhelming?

  • Delegate – Don’t try to plan every aspect of the party yourself. There are people who do that. They are called event planners. This isn’t a project to take on alone if you are not being paid to do it.
  • Hire a caterer – Food can be the most complicated part of a private event. Leaving it in the hands of a capable caterer means that your biggest concern is helping plan the menu. After that, everything will be taken care of.

Event Planning and Catering in San Jose and the Bay Area

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