Don’t Forget These 4 Important Steps the Week of Your Wedding

You’re excited about your big day, as well you should be. But in order for the wedding to go off without a hitch, you need to keep your wits about you and take care of these vital activities in the week before the ceremony. Here’s a checklist so you don’t leave any of these 4 important items out.

  • 1. Contact All Your Vendors to Confirm Everything – From the menu to the venue, you don’t want any surprises the day of the wedding. That means contacting the florist, the caterer, and all your other vendors during the last week before the wedding. Have them read back to you what is supposed to be done so you know for sure that everything is ready.
  • 2. Give Out Assignments – You’re not going to be thinking about anything other than your new mate on the big day, so you need a few trustworthy people in place to handle various assignments. For example, assign someone to field questions at the reception so you can just enjoy yourself and hug everyone. Have announcements made following the ceremony so everyone knows who to see with questions at the reception as well as any other rules you need in place (such as venue rules the guests need to be aware of).
  • 3. Pack for Your Honeymoon – You’ll have better things to do when you get home from the reception, so be sure all your bags are packed, passports are in order (if needed), and all travel, hotel, and car rental reservations have been confirmed.
  • 4. Arrange Help for Guests – If you have friends and family coming from far away, be sure they have accommodations and transportation if needed. This is especially important if you have older guests like grandparents who will require additional assistance throughout the wedding day.

Help in Making Your Big Day Truly Special

From connecting you with the right vendors in the area to providing a stellar meal for your guests, the special event planners at Caterman Catering can provide you with the support you need while planning a wedding and right through the event itself. To start your planning your San Jose or Bay Area wedding today, call 408-441-8719.