Diversify the Menu for Your Next Special Event

From weddings to corporate events, you can expect to see diversity in your attendees. Are you planning ahead when it comes to your menu to offer a diverse cuisine that will satisfy your guests or even broaden their horizons? Here are a few ways to add some cultural diversity into the menu at your next special event.

  • Spanish cuisine – Some Americans make the mistake of thinking that Mexican and Spanish cuisine is similar when it really isn’t so. Introduce your guests to Spanish food with tapas like grilled serrano ham and manchego cheese crostini or champinones (mushrooms) with garlic and parsley. 
  • Caribbean food – The islands are known for bright and bold flavor combinations. Guests will love jerk seasoned vegetable skewers along with red snapper ceviche. You can also serve fried plantain chips as an appetizer and a side of black beans and yellow rice. 
  • Mediterranean favorites – Most people think of Italy when they hear Mediterranean, but there is another entire coast to the east with amazing food. From freshly fried falafel to stuffed grape leaves, there are plenty of sides that pair perfectly with lamb or chicken. Wrap up the meal with assorted baklava for a sweet ending. 

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