Dates to Avoid When Making Wedding Plans

If you are planning a wedding, you may be thinking about selecting the best day for finding the venue and vendors you want and getting the best possible price. Sometimes this means planning a wedding on a Friday or Sunday instead of on a Saturday. While most guests will be understanding of this, they may be a little less understanding if you select one of the following dates:

  • A national holiday – From Thanksgiving to Independence Day, having a wedding on a national holiday results in difficulties for guests, especially those who have to travel. Roads are more congested, and other than the meal at the wedding, they may have trouble finding food since many restaurants are closed.
  • A religious holiday – The same factors apply regarding national holidays. Remember that while some religious holidays fall on the same day each year, others change based on the calendar, so you can’t always go by the 2019 holiday dates when planning a 2020 wedding.
  • A significant day for the family – You don’t want other family members to feel like you are trying to steal their thunder so be careful of scheduling a wedding on another family member’s anniversary or birthday.

San Jose and Bay Area Wedding Plans

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