Cinco De Mayo Month

Cinco de Mayo. A day in which to celebrate and honor Mexican heritage, pride and tradition. But why celebrate only one day? Why not celebrate the entire month of May? That’s what we’ll be doing, and we’d love for you to consider doing the same. Treat yourself and your co-workers, friends and family to our ridiculously fresh salsas, vibrant guacamole, versatile tacos and burritos, savory enchiladas and more. And just because we like you so much and are in a festive mood, we’ll be throwing in an extra entree and a dessert or appetizer to our Mexican Buffet menu while only charging $18.95 per person! (Minimum order 25 people.) Come on. Isn’t that in and of itself reason to celebrate? Give us a call at 408-441-8719. Hope to hear from you soon.