Chicken, Steak, and Wedding Cake: New Ideas for the Modern Wedding

As part of the trend to stray away from the strict parameters of the traditional wedding format, many couples are now selecting unusual foods to match their style and personality. From the appetizer selection to the wedding cake, weddings are now a showcase of innovative foods.

Add a fruit and cheese bar for the guests. Typically, wedding guests wait for an hour while the happy couple goes through a post-ceremony photo shoot. While drinks and appetizers are common for this pre-reception span, a fruit and cheese bar is a beautiful centerpiece for guests to eat as much or as little as they need.

Select entree menu items to coordinate with the genealogical history of the couple. Instead of just chicken or fish, offer guests the option of pad Thai or spinach lasagna. These refreshingly different options for the entrees will make for a more flavorful dinner and a more memorable event.

Set up a coffee bar (complete with a green-apron barista) for your guests. With the popularity of mochas, lattes, and blended coffee drinks, most of your guests will appreciate a variety of drinks throughout the event. Typically, a coffee bar is also a great place to blend fruit and yogurt smoothies for the kids. Offering a selection of specialty coffees and a variety of teas makes a great diversion for the guests not interested in dancing. Go the extra step — add cafe tables, small chairs, and some French music to make an intimate corner.

While there is nothing wrong with a traditional wedding cake, pies and ice cream are making more appearances at more modern weddings. Sometimes, the traditional white wedding cake makes for a happy mother-of-the-bride while the additional desserts are for the younger, hipster guests.

Brides and grooms should not shy away from unusual ways to make their wedding a reflection of their own tastes. With some thought, any wedding can be beautiful, emotional, and palatable.