Catering a Kids’ Party

Coordinating the perfect location for a kids’ party along with a healthy menu can be especially difficult. Sometimes the best place to hold the party is simply your own back yard. Or the local playground. Or a neighborhood craft store where everyone can make an arts projects. But finding the right way to feed everyone can be a challenge. Using a catering company will alleviate a majority of that stress allowing you to focus on the kids and their activities.

Catering companies are especially helpful when planning a kids party as many parents are concerned about what their children eat. Generally, children prefer simple foods. Your caterer can easily adjust simple foods like carrot sticks, cheese sandwiches, and chocolate cake to be organic, vegetarian, or nut-free.

Box lunches are almost always the best option for kids. Not only are they easy to transport, but they reduce waste by allowing parents to take home any uneaten food. In addition, box lunches are easy to clean up when lunch is done. Pizza tends to be one of the best options for a hot lunch, and with the right catering company, you can offer a healthy pizza for your guests. Whole wheat crust, organic tomato sauce, and veggies and cheese on top will satisfy discerning parents and picky eaters.

With parents concerned about sugar intake, you can work with your caterer to generate a healthy, low-sugar dessert, like a mixed-fruit ice cream or agave-sweetened cup cakes. You can also make dessert a fun activity by using a yogurt fountain with fruit for dipping and eating.

Don’t let a birthday party or weekend celebration overwhelm you. Work with an experienced caterer to plan the right menu for you, your child, and his or her friends.