7 Witty Meal Ideas for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arrr mateys! It’s that time of the year again. Tuesday, September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Whether you have kids that still want to be pirates when they grow up or you’re the one who wants to throw a fun party for all your hearties, here are a few menu options to make your guests say, “Shiver me timbers!”

Fish and Chips for Your Hornswaggle (Cheat) Meal

Lightly battered fish and crispy French fries are a great way to get into the pirate day spirit. Sure, pirates probably didn’t do a whole lot of frying, but fish certainly would have been on the menu with so much time spent on the open sea. Plus, this is a favorite of young lads and lasses, so it’s a great option for a kids party.

Swordfish that Will Make Anyone Heave to and Take Notice

For a more Discerning audience, why not serve swordfish. Whether it is pan-seared and served with tomatoes, herbs, and olives or thinly sliced in a lemon-butter and white wine sauce with capers, this is the perfect pairing for a grown-up meal with a nice glass of wine on the side. Plus, it has the word sword in the name, so that alone will be enough to please some scallywags.

Scallops – The Best Loot in the Sea

Grilled sea scallops offer your guests the best the watery deeps have to offer. Pair them with corn cakes for a delicate yet hearty meal. If you decide to serve spiced rum, just be sure to take the keys away from anybody who gets too squiffy (tipsy).

When You Need a Private Event Catered

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