3 Stylistic Considerations for Your Wedding Meal

You want your wedding meal to be unique, to fit the occasion, and to meet the needs of your guests. Here are a few stylistic considerations that may help you to accomplish all of those goals while still keeping the focus on your marriage rather than on the food.

  • Serve food family-style – This is great for smaller weddings with tight-knit families. Be extra careful when planning your seating chart since people will be passing food with the others at their table. It saves you the wait of a buffet line and creates an intimate setting.
  • DIY food stations – People love self-serve stations because they can customize their own meal right there on the spot. It can be just part of the meal like a coffee bar or sundae bar or the main event itself, such as a potato bar.
  • Appetizers and cocktails – If you want to keep the evening a little more casual, time it between meals, or not have to worry as much about the seating arrangements, a cocktail reception can help. This is best for a younger crowd who will still have a good time with some hot and cold starters and signature cocktails. They can go out to eat after the reception ends or have a meal before coming if it starts late enough.

Redefining the Wedding Meal

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