Why You Want a Caterer Who Uses Sustainable Practices

Sustainability has become a buzzword in just about every industry, and with Earth Day coming up, you are sure to hear it over and over again regarding everything from conservation to recycling efforts. How does sustainability play a role when it comes to catering and why should you care?

What Is the Farm to Table Movement?

When it comes to food, the biggest term in conservation is farm to table. But what does that really mean? Basically, it refers to having food locally supplied rather than acquiring mass-produced foods that have been shipped, stored, and produced in other parts of the country or even the world.

Why Sustainable Food Practices Should Matter to You

Food quality comes down to two major things – the freshness and the source. Farm to table allows you to control both. What are the results?

  • Taste – Fresh food tastes better. You’re almost always going to have a better experience with local produce than something that has spent days or even weeks in the back of a truck or distribution center.
  • Health – You want to know where your food is coming from. Farm to table means that you don’t have to wonder about the practices the farmer used. You can just ask.
  • Nutrition – Food that is off season, stored longer than it should be, picked early to lengthen shelf life, and pumped full of hormones, steroids, or pesticides just is not as nutritious.

The Best Menus from the Best Local Foods

At Caterman Catering, we’re proud to work with the finest local vendors to offer our clients the best menus and the highest quality food. If you have a special event coming up in San Jose or the Bay Area, give us a call at 408-441-8719. We can offer the finest, seasonal dishes to meet your needs.