Why Have Your Next Conference or Seminar Catered?

Corporate events are an important part of the modern business world. Are you planning a conference or seminar for this fall or winter? Why should you have your corporate event professionally catered? Here are a few reasons.

Having a Conference Catered

A conference is usually a long day with multiple speakers. This certainly calls for catering. Having some pastries and coffee available to attendees in the morning can be a great treat and help the day get started right for employees who may not have woken up early enough to grab breakfast before arriving.

If the event is going to continue on into the afternoon, a lunch break is in order. You need to keep attendees refreshed, so they get the full benefit of the information, especially since the keynote address with the most important information is usually saved for the end of the day. A lighter meal can help ensure there is less snoozing and more note taking during the afternoon session.

Having a Seminar Catered

A seminar is usually a shorter program and may only last for 2 or 3 hours. So why have drinks and snacks available for attendees? It is a nice way to show that you value the time of your workers, especially if they are coming in on a day off for extra training. If the seminar starts early, coffee and a light breakfast are in order, especially if some employees had to travel a long way or spend the night in a hotel.

Help with Planning Your Next Conference or Seminar

At Caterman Catering, our special event planners can do so much more than help you plan the perfect menu for your event. We can also use our connections throughout San Jose and the Bay Area to help you acquire the right venue and other services you may require. To learn more, call one of our event planners today at 408-441-8719.