Why a Tasting Is a Must When Selecting a Caterer

Hiring a caterer can simplify your corporate or private event. However, choosing the wrong caterer can turn the event into a disaster. How can you be sure that the food will meet expectations? Here is why a tasting is a must when selecting a caterer.

Good Caterers Are Not Afraid of a Tasting

If your caterer refuses a tasting, you have to wonder what he or she is hiding. Allowing you to taste some food can help you to select a better menu, and it can seal the deal for the catering company. After all, if the food is that good, why would you go anywhere else after the tasting?

The fact is that you may choose on occasion to forgo a tasting for various reasons. But even if you have no desire to schedule a tasting, using a catering company that offers one is still important because it shows that the service is professional and confident in their food.

Get Your Free Tasting for Your Bay Area Event

Caterman Catering has been providing great meals in the San Jose and Bay Areas for over 20 years. It’s no wonder that we are confident enough in our menu offerings and food quality to provide free tastings for potential clients. We’re sure that once you have sampled the goods, you’ll want your guests to be wowed by our talented chefs.

To start on your menu or to schedule a tasting, call Caterman Catering today at 408-441-8719. We are looking forward to helping you make your event memorable.