Wedding on a Holiday Weekend

One of the most exciting and at the same time challenging steps of planning a wedding is choosing the date. Most couples like to plan for a date that has some significance to their relationship such as the day they met or one of their birth dates. Sometimes, couples will find that selecting a holiday weekend is the ideal option for their schedule and the schedule of family and friends who will be invited to the celebration. While there are difficulties to planning any wedding, planning for one on a holiday weekend poses a unique set of challenges. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of a holiday wedding and how to address these challenges.

Having a wedding on a weekend with a Monday holiday such as Memorial Day or Labor day is advantageous because everyone gets an extra day off that weekend. Traveling guests will be able to take fewer paid time off hours and the couple getting married gets one extra day to plan or recover. Best of all, a holiday weekend wedding will be easily remembered not only by the couple but by those attending as well.

Because of these and many other benefits, holiday weekends tend to be a very popular choice for events, making it difficult to secure the venue of choice due to competition from other engaged couples and the community eager to have their own celebrations. If time allows, plan for your wedding to be more than a year away as your venue of choice is likely booked the following year if you select a popular weekend. Some venues do not take reservations more than a year in advance so you will need to be diligent about checking back exactly a year from the date you desire and have your deposit ready in order to secure that venue.

Keep in mind that overall cost for vendors such as flowers, equipment rentals (tables, chairs, tents—if applicable), caterers, photographers, etc. will be at surge pricing due to holiday demands. One way to keep costs within your wedding budget is to cut where you can:
-Create an online invitation/RSVP system to save on printing cards
-Consider a free or discounted venue such as your own backyard or a park
-DIY your way through items such as decorations, place cards, and memorabilia
-For those traveling, set a price alert so you can purchase when flights are on sale

Advanced planning is highly advised for holiday weekend weddings to ensure your favorite vendors are available and the venue of choice can be secured. If you have a relationship with vendors such as a caterer or photographer, you should be able to work with them to secure their services for your date of choice. Having your wedding on a holiday does not have to break the bank and be very stressful as long as you give yourself enough time to plan and book.