Turn Your Wedding into a Charitable Donation

You can turn some of the costs of your wedding into a tax deductible donation. By working with local non-profits, you can convert those wedding expenses into donations to benefit your community and recover some of your out-of-pocket money.

Start by working with a local museum to rent as reception venue.

Because museu
ms frequently host fundraising events, they typically have a catering kitchen attached to a large hall or event space designed for groups of various sizes. Museums also have patio and garden spaces which make for a nice escape for any children at your reception. Because museums generally close between 4pm and 6pm for the day, schedule your wedding accordingly and most museums will gladly accommodate your event.

Find a local food bank willing to take any unused food. Because safely storing and transporting donated food can be a health safety issue, you might need to ask a few food banks before you find one with the capabilities to accept perishable food. You will also have to include the catering company in the food donation efforts to ensure you give as much as possible.

Lastly, you might be able to donate your flowers and decorations to a non-profit organization holding an event within a few days following your wedding. Look for charitable events like a walk-for-cancer on the Sunday following your wedding. Generally these charitable events have a luncheon or dinner that could use your flowers for added decorations.

The non-profit organizations will be able to provide you with any necessary documentation to use when you file your taxes. While you might not be able to write off the full cost of your wedding, you can reduce your costs and give back to your local community.