Trends in Catering: May 2015

Some regions, like the San Francisco Bay Area, will set their own trends. Then those regional differentiation frequently evolve into nationwide trends.

Here are three trends for 2015:

1. Ice Cream: Not only are ice cream stations an ongoing favorite for special events, the introduction of using liquid nitrogen as an instant freezing agent has made customization even more popular. Any ice cream station can custom make flavors with a basic cream base, but the dramatic evaporation of liquid nitrogen adds flair to the presentation.

2. Upscale Comfort Food: Comfort food re-emerged in parties several years ago with the addition of dramatic presentations. (Think: Rosemary stems in mashed potatoes.) Today, comfort food (like pot pies and meatloaves) are being served with unique ingredients. So instead of simply serving meatloaf, caterers have fantastic new recipes like curry-infused turkey meatloaf.

3. Biscuits: Biscuit sandwiches aren’t just for breakfast anymore. For an upscale boxed lunch, biscuit sandwiches now come with fire-roasted vegetables and apple-smoked pulled pork. Napkins are a must, and the flavors are unforgettable.

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Trends in Catering: May 2015
Catering trends emerge as a combination of evolving tastes in food, colors, interior decorating, and popular culture.